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Start hiring for competency over credentials

Different industries require different expertise. Explore solutions to help you hire with quality first for your industry.
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Make diversity and talent quality your priority

Glider AI DE&I, tested, scientific and easy to implement. Here's how:
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Step 1

Select DE&I under settings
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Step 2

Screening, assessments, interviews, and candidate shortlisting will optimize for diversity hiring needs.
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Remove inherent bias from the initial screen to the final hire.

Traditional candidate screening criteria, such as the company they worked for, schools attended, degrees achieved, or personal connections, decreases candidate diversity in your pipeline.
Removes personally identifiable contact information
Masking of candidate's appearance and voice even in
live interview backgrounds
Ensuring questions asked are standardized for everyone and without potential biases
Automatic shortlisting based on their test scores and assessment performance

Measure and report on DE&I performance

Demonstrating the effectiveness of your diversity hiring has never been easier, get insights into:
Candidate diversity composition such as age, race, sex and more across the entire hiring lifecycle
Organizational and departmental diversity to understand how DE&I is represented at your company
DE&I retention to understand the effectiveness of your inclusion efforts
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Build a diverse and inclusive workforce

Start hiring without bias
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